Techniques within the Pummel Drill

Several techniques can be seamlessly integrated into the pummel drill, enhancing its effectiveness:

  • Arm Triangle: This choke is executed by transitioning from the pummel position, wrapping your arm around the opponent’s neck, and securing the choke. It’s a powerful move that can quickly incapacitate an attacker.
  • Straight Arm: Instead of grabbing the neck, this technique involves pushing the opponent’s chin while creating isometric tension. This control can lead to a takedown, giving you the upper hand.
  • Guillotine Choke: A common but effective choke, the guillotine is performed by wrapping your arm around the opponent’s neck and pinching your elbows together. Proper hand positioning and maintaining tension are key to executing this move successfully.
  • D’Arce Choke: If the guillotine fails, the D’Arce choke serves as a reliable backup. It involves pushing through and wrapping the arm around the opponent’s neck, using your hips to increase pressure and secure the choke.
  • Eye Rake: Simple yet effective, the eye rake exploits openings for quick, damaging strikes. This technique can create an opportunity for a follow-up move.
  • Inside Elbow: By striking from the inside position, this move targets the opponent’s neck or chin, potentially leading to a follow-up with a headbutt or knee strike.
  • Single Leg Takedown: This technique involves a groin shot followed by maneuvering to unbalance and take down the opponent. It’s an effective way to gain control and transition to a dominant position.

Combining and Practicing Techniques

To prepare for real-life scenarios, Numerick advocates mixing various techniques within the pummel drill. Practicing these techniques dynamically and in a cyclical manner helps create a more realistic training environment. This approach ensures that you’re ready to use any technique when needed, rather than relying on a single move repeatedly.

Effective self-defense training goes beyond practicing individual techniques in isolation. By integrating a variety of moves into a cohesive drill, you prepare yourself for the unpredictability of real-life confrontations. Numerick’s high pummel drill offers a comprehensive approach to close-quarter combat, emphasizing the importance of realism, tension, and versatility. For more valuable self-defense content, make sure to subscribe to his channel, where a wide range of topics is covered, from weapons defense to mass attack strategies.

Sifu Matt Numrich