Mastering Ground Defense Essential Techniques for Self-Protection

Ground fighting presents a unique set of challenges, especially when facing the formidable mount position. In this guide, we’ll explore three critical self-defense maneuvers designed to equip you with the skills necessary to escape ground attacks and regain control of dangerous situations.

Buck, Trap, and Roll: When pinned beneath an opponent in the mount position, your vulnerability is at its peak. To break free from this disadvantageous position, initiate the buck by driving your hips upward while kicking forward with your knee. Simultaneously, use your hands to protect your face and trap your opponent’s arm tightly. With their balance disrupted, execute the roll to create distance and disengage, giving you the opportunity to escape to safety.

Double Hand Pluck and Buck: In situations where your assailant attempts to choke you while maintaining the mount position, swift action is imperative. Begin by executing a double hand pluck to release their grip on your throat. As you pluck, initiate the buck to shift their weight forward, destabilizing their position. With their hands momentarily disengaged, transition seamlessly into trapping their arms and rolling away to safety, ensuring they cannot regain control.

Arms Pinned Extension and Buck: When confronted with the daunting scenario of having your arms pinned while under mount, strategic maneuvering becomes paramount. Quickly extend your arms upward to disrupt your assailant’s hold and create space. Simultaneously, execute the buck to elevate your hips and destabilize their position further. By combining these movements with speed and precision, you can break free from the hold and transition into trapping and rolling to escape the dangerous mount position.

In summary, mastering these three self-defense techniques against ground attacks empowers you to effectively counter various mounting scenarios and regain control of potentially life-threatening situations. With dedication and practice, you can enhance your ability to defend yourself and stay safe in ground combat situations.

Sifu Matt Numrich

Sifu Matt Numrich is a martial artist and self-defense expert, renowned for his training in Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts.